Creative Swashbuckler

🏆 The “yes, and” type.

You are the greatest explorer meeting-kind has ever seen. Each time you hop off your mind canoe or dog sled pulled by mental huskies to grace your teammates with a smart insight, idea, suggestion or piece of feedback — everyone listens. Your style spurs creativity, inspires learning, and imbues purpose amongst team members when they need it most.

And when brain farts and mental blocks stall progress, you are always the one to speak your minds, bring new folks into the conversation, and break whatever patterns are no longer serving the team. You effortlessly embrace risk and take on challenges with no (visible) fear of failure, empowering your team to break through self-imposed limits and transcend all that is ‘average.’  🙌

Key Strengths

  • Highly Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Confident
  • Fearless
  • Adventurous

Your fave MURAL features

  • Sketching
  • Reactions
  • Content Library

Relevant templates to bring to your team

We’ve hand-picked these MURAL templates to use with your team, so you can get maximum flex on your Mindfully Mighty collaboration strengths in your next meeting.

Really Big Idea Sketch Pad

Really Big Idea Sketch Pad

Conducting a Brainstorm

Conducting a Brainstorm

Your dream meeting line-up

Join forces with these personality types to create an unstoppable collaboration powerhouse:

  • The Vibe Architect (Bringing the smiles)
  • The Chef de Efficiency (Let’s get to the point)
  • The Meeting Maestro (Goal-oriented and organized)